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April  Newsletter

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The Heart of the Newsletter

 Birthdays & Anniversaries:

If any of our club members have a Birthday or an Anniversary in February we wish you the best!



                 Members on the Mend

To any of our members out there feeling under the weather, we are wishing you a quick recovery.

Did you know Arizona:

There is a possible 25 years in prison for cutting down a cactus.

Arizona is roughly the size of Italy.

Arizona has more parks and national monuments than any other state, more mountains than Switzerland, and more golf courses than Scotland.

The famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral only lasted about thirty seconds.

The hottest recorded day in Phoenix was June 26, 1990, when the temperature hit 122 degrees.

The Saguaro Cactus blossom is the official state flower of Arizona. The white, funnel shaped, night blooming flowers, grow on the trunk and branches of the saguaro cactus during May and June. The red fruits of this largest American cactus are edible.

It is illegal in Tucson for women to wear pants.

In World War II, many Navajos enlisted as secret agents. Our enemies could never understand the Navajo language to learn our military secrets.

If you bother the cottontails or bullfrogs, in Hayden, Arizona, you will be fined.

The sun shines in southern Arizona 85% of the time, which is considerably more sunshine than Florida or Hawaii. high country.


In 1876 the Chiricahua Apache chief Geronimo began ten years of raids against white settlements when the U.S. government attempted to move his tribe from their traditional home in Arizona to a reservation in New Mexico.

The Navajo Reservation, the nation's largest reservation, lies primarily in Arizona and extends into Utah and New Mexico.




Recipes of the Month: 

Bag Kabobs


  • beef or chicken , bell peppers , mushrooms , onion , jalapeno peppers (optional) , small potatoes , zucchini        squash
  • fresh garlic ,  2-3  Tbsp  olive oil , lemon or lime , McCormick's Salt-free Chicken seasoning , powdered butter flavoring
  • 2  Tbsp  soy sauce , lemon pepper seasonings , dill


Boil potatoes for approximately 4-5 minutes depending on size. They should still be firm and crisp, not mushy. They will finish cooking on the grill. Let potatoes cool completely before putting in foil bag. Chop bell peppers, onion and zucchini squash into large pieces. Put chopped vegetables, whole jalapenos, whole potatoes and whole mushrooms into a large foil bag with garlic, olive oil, lemon or lime juice, soy sauce, butter flavoring, lemon pepper seasonings, and dill. Cut meat into large stew size pieces. Put meat in a separate foil bag with 1/4 cup of olive oil, garlic, chicken seasonings, butter flavoring and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. When using more than one kind of meat, put in separate bags. Place the foil bags into larger 2 gallon ziplock bags to store while traveling. To cook, remove foil bags from plastic ziplock bags and grill for 8-10 minutes, turning after 5-6 minutes. Let sit before opening bags.

Ten Commandments of Metal Detecting

These are the statutes, judgments and edicts which must be obeyed by all those who wield detectors of metal:

1. Thou shall not leave behind unfilled excavations.

2. Thou shall not trespass or defy in any way the lawful decrees of thy city, county, state, province or country.

3. Thou shall not harm vegetation, the creatures of the field, natural resources or the personal property of others.

4. Thou shall not covet the finds of thy companion. Nor shall ye covet his metal detector, digging tool or the hallowed place in which he diggeth.

5. Thou shall not ignore nor neglect thy family and friends whilst in the endless pursuit of thy hobby.

6. Thou shall assist the distraught owners of lost goods and the archeologists and the enforcers of law and all others who may need thy skill as a metal detectorist.

7. Thou shall return found treasures to the proper owners whenever their true identity can be rightfully determined.

8. Thou shall report to the proper authorities any find relating to criminal activity or of archeological significance.

9. Thou shall be considerate of others on the beach and in other public places whilst waving thy search coil and digging holes in the sand and the soil.

10. Thou shall speak out against the unjust laws and stand firm against the Philistines who would cast out all those who would use detectors of metal.

And if thou dost not abide by these Commandments, may you be plagued with mineral - bearing rocks, hard packed soil, pestilence, serpents, locusts, poisonous vegetation and great multitudes of pull-tabs, bottle caps and rusty nails. May ye spend the remaining years of thy wretched life digging signals of false origins, for thy iniquities shall surely bring the overzealous wrath of the ignorant, heathen bureaucrats down upon those of us who are innocent.

For we are the righteous and the just for ye who do not obey the Ten Commandments of Metal Detecting shall be doomed to bad luck. 



Treasure Hunting Secrets 


Here’s a link to a Kernel’s Metal Detecting Pages with some treasure hunting tips.

Here’s a link to a story that may give you some new ideas of how to look for some everyday treasure.

Here’s a link to a website with tips and personal experiences in metal detecting in the United

States and abroad.

Check out the following website for some helpful tips and tricks to metal detecting.  He also provides some good tips for specific equipment.

Looking for a different place to search for coins?  Click the link below and watch this short youtube video.

Do you have Google Earth on your computer?  Have you used it to try to find a site to go metal detecting?  Click on the link below and learn how to use Google Earth to help you find a good metal detecting site.






Here’s a youtube video of the Digfellas hunting a 1700’s home.  Enjoy!

Here’s an article about metal detecting at an old boy scout camp.  Enjoy!

Here’s an article out of the Western and Eastern Treasure Magazine about some finds at an old tavern. Enjoy!

Good article on detecting a picnic grove in New York.  Click and enjoy!

Below is a link to an article from the July 2011 issue of the Lost Treasure Magazine.  The article contains 2 gold tales from Arizona, one from Gila county and one from Yavapai county.  Click on the link and enjoy!



Reminder !! 



Summer is here and snakes are still out.  Please be careful. They may be hiding in-between rocks or under bushes.  Make sure you go out with a partner just in case you are injured.  Also drink a lot water  and you may want to take some snacks  with you just in case.  Happy Hunting!!



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